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Signature: Flexible, economical - and optimising land use

Redrow developments are designed to complement the environments in which they’re built - in the country, the suburbs and the heart of the city. Designed to meet the demands of an ever more discerning market place, they’re aesthetically outstanding, superbly built and great value for our customers.

Signature is a highly flexible range of homes that allows us to change elevation styles to be sympathetic to the character of the surrounding area. By recognising the importance of ensuring our product responds to the local context, we can meet planning requirements effectively and efficiently. Signature homes can be built traditionally or by using modern building methods, including off-site prefabrication and framing systems. The Signature range enables Redrow to optimise density, thereby maximising the use of development land, but still achieving quality environments in which people will choose to live. Signature homeowners can also create their own specifications by selecting from a range of choices and upgrade options to personalise their homes to their individual tastes.

Our Signature range exemplifies our understanding of the need for Redrow properties and developments to fit in with the local vernacular and compliment their environment.
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