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Shaping the land to fulfil a need

For us, land acquisition is about economic and environmental awareness. As developers, we have an obligation to create desirable communities and properties in which people want to live and work.

Right now our country needs good quality developments in the right areas. We therefore buy our land wisely, planning for both the present and the future. The experience and expertise of our regional teams of in-house planners ensures we maintain the right balance between our current and forward land banks, delivering the optimum return on our investment. Land is a finite resource and our commitment is to acquire sites that we can enhance and improve so that the landscape and future generations will benefit from the developments we create. Drawing on our extensive skills, expertise and track record to achieve planning permissions, we excel at delivering value to landowners in the process. Furthermore, by liaising closely with local authorities, we succeed in enriching the landscape, enhancing local communities and providing places that people can truly call “home”.

Development land often comes with some sort of challenge and at Redrow, we have a reputation for solving problems to create value for landowners.

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