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Reclamation, revival and renewal

We have expertise in reviving all types of land, in all sorts of condition, including former factories and industrial sites, warehouses, offices, old and derelict buildings.

Sometimes these are sites that many developers wouldn’t dream of acquiring. We do, because we’re experts at turning ideas into reality. We are also experts in helping businesses relocate, consolidate and fully utilise their resources. We have many years’ experience of reclaiming land that many others believe is beyond redemption. And we use a wide range of techniques to breathe new life back into that land, creating developments that are welcomed by local communities, because they are practical and enhance the landscape, bringing life back to areas in desperate need of revival. In addition to this, we explore ways in which our developments reduce reliance on the use of the car and have access to public transport, incorporate cycle-paths and footpaths, include residential, office and retail properties so that they’ll become sustainable and self-supporting communities for the foreseeable future.

Breathing life back into land that was once thought of as beyond redemption is something we’re passionate about at Redrow - that’s why we’re so successful at it.

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