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Creating the right living and working environments

By creating mixed use living and working environments, Redrow are creating communities designed with real people in mind.

We embrace a wider environment - the metropolitan, suburban and rural landscapes where we build. So we’re committed to sustainability, recycling of waste materials, use of renewable resources and sympathetic landscaping - which have earned us accolades such as a clutch of much-coveted Daily Mail Greenleaf Awards. We apply these same principles to the buildings we construct, using environmentally friendly materials, creating living and working spaces that are self-supporting and beneficial to their surroundings - our Debut development at Willans Green, Warwickshire, for instance, recently won the first BREEAM Award to a residential developer in 2006, for the highest eco rated development. After all, we’re not just thinking of the present, we’re planning for the future.

At Redrow, we create residential and commercial environments that enrich the hearts and minds of those who occupy them - in other words, we create places that we’d like to live and work in.

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