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Delivering customer, shareholder and workforce satisfaction

What’s the essence of developing? At Redrow the answer is simple - it’s all about delivering satisfaction to our customers, our shareholders and our staff.

We want our customers to love the Redrow developments they live and work in and enjoy their surroundings and environment. We want our shareholders to be satisfied in the knowledge that they’re receiving value from their investment. We want our consultants and advisers to be motivated and inspired by us. We want the Redrow Team to enjoy job satisfaction so that they’ll continue to deliver top performance in all that they do - finding land, designing developments, building them, and creating sustainable living and working environments that lead to satisfied customers who will recommend Redrow to their family and friends.

When a customer first walks into their new Redrow home, we want them to feel that this is a homecoming, that they’re not just passing through, but here to stay.

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