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Debut: Affordable living for all

Debut properties directly address the need for affordable homes for people to buy. They put property ownership within reach of key workers, first-time buyers and those on low incomes, whilst embracing high standards of quality and sustainability.

We use modern methods of construction, including framing systems and environmentally friendly materials, as well as more traditional construction techniques such as render and brick, to complete handsome and well-built homes that people love to live in. Ranging from one bedroom apartments to two-storey homes, many Debut properties have reversed living/bedroom configurations to maximise usable living space and lofted ceilings to ensure a light and airy ambience.

The unique form of our Debut developments ensures that we are making the best possible use of the available land and providing spaces that create a real sense of community. Sustainability is a key issue at Redrow and the environmental performance coupled with affordability of the Debut range of developments is unequalled within the industry. So much so, that under the 2005 BRE classification, five Debut developments to date have secured ‘Eco Excellent’ ratings thanks to what can only be described as an innovative and inspired design approach, that aims to deliver an increasing number of these sustainable and affordable homes for people to buy.

Our Debut developments have been designed to put property ownership in reach of first-time buyers, key workers and those on lower incomes, whilst embracing high standards of quality and sustainability.
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