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A commitment to sustainable communities

The creation of truly sustainable communities takes commitment and passion, two things that we have in abundance at Redrow. In order to ensure the continuous improvement of this aspect of our developments, we are actively involved in incorporating the lessons we have learned from our award-winning Debut range into our Signature range, as well as further developing and improving Debut itself, together with increasing involvement in inner city regeneration.

Our internal Product Development Team is responsible for driving forward a progressive agenda of innovation, both in terms of design and construction techniques. We’re seeking and trialling new construction materials and processes, which are more efficient in performance, build and sustainability, ensuring that wherever possible, materials used in construction are locally sourced and have been produced from sustainable or renewable resources.

We’ve implemented a series of energy efficiency measures including improving thermal efficiency, specifying low energy lighting and appliances and improving air tightness performance in all our properties. In terms of waste and water management, we’re utilising in-house segregation to encourage recycling wherever possible. Sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) are incorporated where practicable as part of the core development process. We also have a strong commitment to more efficient land usage. Our Signature range, for example, has been designed to limit the use of land by employing higher density developments, whilst still providing high quality living environments.

Through our focus on good design and sustainability, Redrow is committed to creating quality living and working communities in sympathy with the environment.

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